Brian Berlinski

Empowerment Director

[Video description: A cis white male-presenting person is sitting on a couch with pillows on the ends, and a blanket is draped over the back of the couch. Brian is wearing a purple sweater; his hair is shaved on one side and combed over the other. In front of Brian is a small square table that has a book and a coffee mug.]

Hi everyone!  My name Brian Berlinski (name sign B swivel on cheek).  Over the past several years, I’ve been honored to serve as a board member of DeafHope.  I have exciting news to announce – I am no longer on the board.  Now my new role is DeafHope staff.  I’m excited I will get to join the team to provide services, work on projects together, and so forth.  Previously, as a board member my duties included fundraising, increasing community visibility, and raising community awareness of issues such as Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Violence (SV).

Now, as staff, my role is different.  For example, I will be providing services, working with partners on projects, and work with survivors as partners on their journey.  This means I cannot share confidential information with other people in the community. I will not share confidential information with DeafHope board members.  Confidential information stays within the staff team.

I am excited to join other DeafHope Staff to support DeafHope’s mission.  Our mission is to end violence in our Deaf communities through education, empowerment and services.   I invite you to join us and make a difference as a community member and together we can make a positive impact on our world.  Thank you.

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