Brian Berlinski

Board Member

Hi, I am Brian Berry-Berlinski. I am on the Board at DeafHope. I previously joined DeafHope in 2005.  I joined as a staff member and worked here for five years.  Then it just so happened that three kids came into our life. We became foster parents and I left DeafHope to focus on my children.  Now that the adoption has been completed successfully, I am back as a Board member.  I support the mission and vision of DeafHope, I am here to contribute to a cause that creates a safe community where everyone is a part of community accountability and everyone practices non-violent communication.  Where everyone shows respect for our needs and wishes and we practice collectivism.  That is what makes me excited about being here with DeafHope and a part of the movement to provide services to Deaf survivors and also the movement to end violence through awareness, education and services. Our mission is still the same as it has been.  I want to say a little bit about myself.  I grew up in New Jersey, went to school at RIT.  After graduating, I considered options – I wanted to do art with adults and children. DeafHope offered me a job and I grabbed that opportunity.  Since then my life has changed in amazing ways.  I want to share a little bit about what community means to me.  It is a powerful word because without community, how can we grow, how can we connect, how can we learn about ourselves and other people.  Community means that we have a shared identity, goals and vision and we work together to achieve and carry out that vision.  That is what community means to me.