Julie Rems-Smario

Board of Directors

Hi, I’m Julie Rems-Smario.  I have always been a part of DeafHope, since day one!  DeafHope means a lot of things to me.   It means a place where Deaf survivors can go to feel safe and share their story.  It is also a place where Deaf survivors can lead and take their power back.  Their power is always there it can never truly be taken away.  But for them to realize they do have the power, that happens at DeafHope.  I love seeing survivors evolve and thrive.  It is also a place where the community can have discussions about how the system needs to change, to develop ideas and make them happen so that it becomes a better place for all of us.  Incredible.  I have served as one of the founders from way back.  It is so exciting to see something created out of planting the seed of one idea.   This idea came from the national training provided by ADWAS and was brought here to California.  There is no stopping a group of passionate Deaf women who want to see change happen.  With those eight of us, the idea developed.  I was the Executive Director for eight years. Then three years ago I sadly left DeafHope to work at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont.   I love working at CSD but I will also always have my heart with DeafHope.  I continue to be involved as a Board member.  Last year I became the chairperson for DeafHope Board of Directors.  Wow. I have grown in so many different aspects because of the opportunity to meet people who have the same shared vision.  Come, join us, be a part of DeafHope and be a part of change.