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DeafHope receives Funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation

We are excited to announce that DeafHope has received another year of funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation.  So honored to have their support in ending violence in the Deaf community! This grant of $15,000 will pay for direct advocacy services for Deaf survivors including peer counseling, systems support and exploring community-based alternatives to safety.



[image description: logo, text reads blue of california foundation, with an image of a blue shield with the medical snake on it after the word blue ]

Don’t miss out on DeafHope trainings and events

We sometimes get feedback from people that they haven’t heard about our events or trainings.  We don’t want you to miss out!  We post information on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The front page of our website has links to follow us.  The best way to stay in touch with the news and events at DeafHope is to subscribe to updates from our website.  Check out this video to learn more:

[description: Opening title “How to subscribe to DeafHope email updates”  Video opens with Ken Arcia sitting in front of a brown background.  He is wearing glasses.  He explains the purpose of this video, to learn how to subscribe to DeafHope email updates.  Then he shows a short tutorial with computer screen images guiding people through the DeafHope website to subscribe.]

DeafHope DVSV Training

We hosted another DVSV training this past weekend with a fabulous group of community members. Thank you all for your commitment to ending violence! Check out our training announcement here if you are interested in joining the next one. Stay tuned for our 2016 calendar of trainings to be released soon by subscribing to our updates.

[description: group photo in front of a bright blue painting and two windows looking out onto green trees. 9 people are standing together in two rows (with Tara on the far right holding her baby). Everyone is smiling at the camera.]

Celebrating 10 years at FJC

This week the Alameda County Family Justice Center celebrated 10 years – DeafHope is proud to be a partner. Here’s to ending DVSV within the next 10.

[image description: FJC open house BBQ party in the parking lot. top photo – announcement with text reading Alameda County Family Justice Center is celebrating 10 years. Join us for an open house honoring ten years of helping victims of violence and creating brighter, safer futures for families. Middle right photo – long white butcher paper along the side of a building showing the FJC timeline over the past years. Middle left photo – bright red yellow and blue bouncy house, Tara and Aracelia are discussing it. Bottom photo – Amber Hodson, Tara Holcomb and Aracelia Aguilar standing together, smiling at the camera in front of the celebration.]

Goodbye Minnesota

We had an amazing week at the Advocacy Learning Center. Bringing back some great tools for social justice and renewed passion for the important work that is happening in our communities. We’ll be back in Minnesota this October to learn more about institutional change. 

[image description: “I learned that it takes teamwork to accomplish statewide actions, that it’s not one person’s job but the collective that makes a better impact on state-level issues. I leaned that it is through unconditional love that we make our best impact – not anger or indifference or intolerance. I learned that the causes of poverty are systematic and not individual.”

Upcoming Events

October 2016

  • Deaf Access for Survivors webinar: Oct. 5 10a
  • DVSV Training Must attend all three days: Oct 14, 15 & 16 9-5p