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Beautiful people at the Tea Party

Thank you for making today so special!


[image: white balloon in foreground with DeafHope logo. Tea party guests sitting around tables and standing in the background.  Tables are decorated in a variety of themes with handmade mugs at each seat.]

No Ordinary Hero

Join us for this FUN, FAMILY movie tonight! Tickets are only available AT THE DOOR. Thank you and see you there!


[image: Flyer with the DeafHope logo at the top.  Text reads “DeafHope presents No Ordinary Hero The SuperDeafy Movie. Fri. Sept 26th 7 pm (Doors open at 6:00) Hank Klopping Theater, Calif. School for the Deaf Fremont, 39350 Gallaudet Drive Fremont, CA 94536 Buy tickets online at or at the theatre door. Tickets $10.00 Deaf Awareness Week.’ Image of the No Ordinary Hero movie poster with a man walking toward the camera, a bright light shining behind him and four comic book covers with SuperDeafy behind him.  Text below the image reads “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie John Maucere with Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin is here! This family drama is about a deaf Actor who plays a superhero on television who looks beyond his cape to influence a Deaf boy to redefine what being “normal” means. During his journey he also finds inspiration to transform himself.  This film is open captioned and is Rated PG.” Another image near the bottom right shows a video reel and film.  Below that text reads” Questions? Email”]

CPEDV Conference

DeafHope is at the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence conference today. Excited to learn more about Trauma Informed Care.

[image: Two women presenters are standing in front of a screen. The image on the screen is of a fully tattooed man gently holding a baby. Text reads “The Principle of Trauma Informed System: Safety, Trust, Choice, Collaboration, Culture”]

Tea Party Details

Check out the Tea Party flyer for more details on this fun event at the Wedgewood Metropolitan.

September 28 from 12-4p
10051 Doolittle Drive
Oakland, CA 94603


[image: Purple tea pot at the bottom of the flyer has steam coming out transitioning into circles that mimic the DeafHope logo and show three women in each. Flowers and leaves outlined in purple decorate the rest of the page. Text shown on the flyer: DeafHope Tea Party. DeafHope is always evolving. Image of DeafHope’s old logo – a woman showing ILY sign and baby. Anti-violence, anti-oppression, survivor-centric, deaf women-centric, community accountability, transformative justice, collective leadership and more! We want you to come to our annual tea party to learn what the new logo means to us, meet the deaf woman designer, and tell us what it means to you. Image of DeafHope’s new logo – a dark purple circle with a lighter purple circle inside. Celebrate our trailblazer of the year Erin Esposito and her years of work on community accountability! The emcee Shira Grabelsky. The designer, Bekah Guerrero. September 28th from 12-4p $75 per person Proceeds go to DeafHope anti-violence efforts. Sponsored by SmarioSoft Solutions. 10051 Doolittle Drive Oakland, CA 94603]


There is a new movement on social media. Survivors are sharing their experiences and why they stayed in abusive relationships using this hashtag #WhyIStayed. If you need DeafHope’s support, you can e-mail us anytime at and advocates will be there for you!

De’Lasha Singleton from the social justice organization Take a Stand shared her experience and invites you to share yours too.

All deaf* survivors who feel comfort to share your reasons, it will share under Take A Stand organization along with the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

Send me via I am expecting to spread the video by Monday, September 15th. Send my love vibes to all of you! This vlog is based on my real experience and an example of what you could do with your vlog. Please feel free to share the information to all survivors. I would love to see more people get involved in this important part of the life. Finding the heal, courage, and etc pieces that were STOLEN by all abusers.

If you do not want to show your face, there are many other options such as display on the body with signing, screenshot, hands signing, writing on the paper, and etc.”

De’Lasha’s video:

transcript on youtube link


Upcoming Events

October 2016

  • Deaf Access for Survivors webinar: Oct. 5 10a
  • DVSV Training Must attend all three days: Oct 14, 15 & 16 9-5p