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#TBT – Tea Party 2009

Our Tea Party was featured in Diablo Magazine in 2009.  That year we honored Marlee Matlin as our Trailblazer.   Don’t miss out on another fabulous event this year.




[Image: Page 161 of Diablo Magazine, title of the page is “Faces” with the subtitle “Parties, Society, Glamour, Nightlife”, showing 6 images.  Text reads: Oscar-Winner Marlee Matlin was honored at DeafHope’s Eighth Annual Tea Party, at the Livermore home of Jim and Susan Duthie; [1] Olga Sylko, Elena Barlow; [2] Kambri Crews, Anna Anderson; [3] Brian Berlinski, Kathy Lloyd, Demar Corbell; [4] Jessica Smario; [5] Marlee Matlin, Jack Jason; [6] Table centerpiece.]

Don’t miss out on DeafHope events

Check out this video to learn more:



[Video: Opening title “How to subscribe to DeafHope email updates”  Video opens with Ken Arcia sitting in front of a brown background.  He is wearing glasses.  He explains the purpose of this video, to learn how to subscribe to DeafHope email updates.  Then he shows a short tutorial with computer screen images guiding people through the DeafHope website to subscribe.]

Thrilled to see this new rule take effect!

VICTORY: After pressure for the NFL to take domestic violence seriously, the commissioner announced new policies today:

Thanks to everyone who took action and helped make this change a reality.



[image: Football stadium filled with people with words superimposed over the image: Thank you NFL  After 50K UltraViolet members spoke out, the NFL will no loner tolerate domestic violence.  Ultraviolet Share to spread the good news.]

Miss the SuperDeafy movie?

Did you miss No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie? Don’t worry!  DeafHope is hosting another showing during Deaf Awareness week.  Come to CSD Fremont on September 26th to support DeafHope.  Buy tickets for $10 here or at the door.


[image: Flyer for No Ordinary Hero movie. DeafHope logo is at the top, along with the image of the movie advertisement and a black and white image of a reel of film. Text reads, Friday September 26th 7pm (doors open at 6:00) Hank Klopping Theater Calif. School for the Deaf 39350 Gallaudet Drive Fremont, CA 94536. Buy tickets online at Or At the Theatre Door. NO ORDINARY HERO: THE SUPERDEAFY MOVIE starring John Maucere with Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin is here! This family drama is about a deaf Actor who plays a superhero on television who looks beyond his cape to influence a Deaf boy to redefine what being “normal” means. During his journey he also finds inspiration to transform himself. The film is open captioned and is Rated PG. Questions? Email]

Free Computer and Internet for Low-Income Families

DeafHope is sharing information to our community about this program.  Please contact them if you are in need.



[Image: Flyer from OTX West, Internet Essentials/Comcast and East Bay Connects.  Text reads Free internet for first 6 months for families that qualify and Free computer and tech support for new broadband subscribers. Call East Bay Connects Contact Center 866-460-7439 Mon-Fri 9-6. To qualify for free 6 months of broadband: 1) Students must qualify for free or reduced lunch in schools. 2) You can not be a current Comcast broadband subscriber or within the last 90 days. 3) You can not have an outstanding balance with Comcast. After 6 months, service converts to $10 a month.  To qualify for a free computer and tech support, you must be a 1st time broadband subscriber. This is a time limited offer.  Apply Aug 4 – Sept 20 to qualify]


Join us for our Tea Party!

Our Tea Party last year was filled with fun and learning.  Get your tickets for this year, along with your one of a kind DeafHope mug.

 Tea Party 2


[image: Collage of four photos.  The first photo shows Rosa Lee Timms and Julie Rems-Smario standing together holding the DeafHope mugs.  In the second photo, Cathy Hoog and Amber Hodson are holding the Trailblazer award.   Jane Whitney, Amber Hodson and Tara Holcomb are together in the third photo.  Finally, She-Devils president “Big Momma” is speaking to the audience, with Tara Potterveld interpreting into ASL.]



DeafHope’s Annual Tea Party

Last year we had the honor of hearing Rochelle Greenwell and Aracelia Aguilar speak about their experience as survivors and community accountability.

Join us this year for another engaging conversation.  Get your tickets today.


Tea Party 1



[image: A collage of four pictures.  In each one Aracelia and Rochelle are holding up white poster board signs with handwritten messages.  The first image shows a sign that says, “Once you know about it, you can’t just forget it.”  The sign in the second image says, “Keeping quiet, saying nothing is as political as…” The third image reads, “…as an act as saying something.  There is no innocence.  The final image says,”Either way, you are accountable – Arundhati Roy”]


Board meeting tonight

The DeafHope Board of Directors will have our regular meeting tonight at 6:30.  It will be held at our offices in the Family Justice Center building.  If you plan to attend, please arrive on time, as the doors are locked for security purposes.  Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events

October 2016

  • Deaf Access for Survivors webinar: Oct. 5 10a
  • DVSV Training Must attend all three days: Oct 14, 15 & 16 9-5p