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Excited for more advocates to be trained in Oregon!


[flyer description: white background with purple accents, three images (purple ribbon domestic violence awareness logo, logo of white house outline with white silhouette of three people inside house, and black silhouette of father, two children and mother holding hands against purple background).  Black text of flyer: ODEAF (Oregon Deaf Empowerment Advocacy for Families proudly presents…Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Training.  When: June 24-26 2016 Friday 4:00-8:00pm Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm Where: Central Oregon Comm. College Campus Center – Willie Hall 2600 NW College Way Bend, OR 97702  Admission is $25 (40 seating limit) Presenter – Keri Darling Director/Trainer Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services (DVAS) in Vermont Training Topics – Domestic and Sexual Violence, Technology, Elder Abuse, LGBTQ, Specific issues within Deaf community, Advocate Role, “In her Shoes” simulation Please RSVP by June 1, 2016 You MUST register online Click here to register online OR send check or money order: ODEAF PO Box 498 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 NO INTERPRETER PROVIDED Questions or nearby hotel information: mailto:]

Causes of Sexual Assault


[image description: graph representing the causes of sexual assault.  The graph is one large purple circle.  The graph key to the right colored squares show what different colors on the graph represent. Red: revealing clothing Green: alcohol Blue: walking home alone Orange: flirting Yellow: being in the wrong place Purple: rapists.]

DeafHope Board and EDs 2016 Retreat

retreat 2016

[image description: collage of five photos. Top left: DeafHope team sitting around a large dining room table, green trees visible outside a long bank of windows, warm round light hanging down at the middle, papers and cups are strewn around the table.  Top right: dark wood paneled room, standing white screen with projected image of DeafHope logo and text DeafHope Retreat, Amber and Tara are standing to either side of the screen, Tara signing “our”. Bottom left: close up photo of someone holding the new DeafHope restraining order brochure, a white small card with three purple line drawings (someone on FaceTime, three people standing and arrows between them, an angry person texting on a phone) and purple text. Bottom right: wooden panel with carving of a leafy tree, words Sunol TreeHouse est. 1931, reddish lighting glowing behind the panel.  Middle image: DeafHope team standing outside on a deck with sunlight glowing and green leafy trees behind them (right to left) Brian Berlinski white male wearing an eggplant colored long sleeved top and dark pants, Sherrie Donaville-Sims African American woman wearing a bright orange shawl and flowered pants, Aracelia Aguilar Latina woman wearing a black top, Rochelle Greenwell Latina woman wearing a grey sweater, Tara Holcomb white woman wearing a black cardigan, Mary Klein white woman wearing a blue zip up jacket over a grey top, Julie Rems-Smario white woman with a large grey blanket wrapped around her.  Sitting in front is Amber Hodson white woman wearing a grey top and Jane Whitney white woman wearing a blue hoodie.]

Short Film Release for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

[flyer description: DeafHope logo at top right. Purple text reads “April is for…
Sexual Violence Awareness join us for the release of a
new short film Dre’s Story: A Survivor’s Journey filmed in partnership with Jules Dameron Filmmaker, Deafsafe Deaf Survivor Advocacy for Empowerment
Saturday April 23 5:30-7:30p
Alameda County Family Justice Center
470 27th Street, Oakland
Light snacks provided

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Rape Culture is real.  (Shout out to DeafSafe for sharing!)


[image description – infographic with text that reads:
What “rape culture” means?
Rape is all too common.
1 out of 5 women has been a victim of attempted rape or completed rape.
Rape cases are not being reported…
(Less than half of all rapes are actually reported.)
… So rapists are not being sent to jail.
(Only 3 percent of rapist spend even a day in jail.)
Colleges can be openly hostile to the victims.
(Campus rape rates haven’t changed in the last 20 years.)
People think rape victims are making it all up.
(2-8 percent of the charges may be false but students think up to 50 percent of rape reports are fabricated.)
Rapists can seek child custody in a majority of the United States.
(In 31 states, convicted rapists can sue for visitation rights and custody.)
Politicians thinks women can’t get pregnant from rape.
(32,000 women get pregnant from rape in the United States each year.)]

DeafHope in DC for the Deaf Action Project

03.16 DeafTA meeting

[image description: collage of two slanted images on a blue background with the title Deaf Action Partner Meeting.  On the left, screenshot of the Deaf Action announcement with Libby Stanley, white woman with shoulder length dark hair, a colorful large tattoo on her right forearm and wearing a dark purple cardigan.  Her image is frozen in the sign “meet”.  Text next to her picture reads: Learn about an exciting new initiative! Deaf Action to End Domestic and Sexual Violence New Initiative Launched ADWAS, ASADV, DeafHope, and the Vera Institute of Justice, have come together to create a new initiative, Deaf Action to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. With support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against women, the Deaf Action project will strengthen efforts to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in Deaf communities. The image on the right shows five women gathered around a conference table having a discussion.  There are papers and coffee cups strewn around the table.  On the far left is Tara Holcomb, white woman with blond hair and a black sweater. Next is Libby Stanley, white woman with dark hair pulled back and a purple sweater.  Then is Tiffany Williams, white woman with red hair and glasses on top of her head.  Next is Erin Esposito, white woman with short strawberry blond hair and glasses.  On the far right you can see just the side of Amber Hodson’s head, white woman with long brown hair.]

It’s time for the Super Bowl…

… and it’s time to end our silence about domestic and sexual violence.

[image description in youtube]





Upcoming Events

October 2016

  • Deaf Access for Survivors webinar: Oct. 5 10a
  • DVSV Training Must attend all three days: Oct 14, 15 & 16 9-5p