Alise Harding

Board Member

[vd: Alise, a Black Deaf woman is standing in front of a beige wall that has three pieces of art hanging on it. Her hair is in locs running to her shoulders. She is wearing a taupe button down shirt over a goldenrod blouse.]

Hi everyone! My name is Alise Harding (name sign “five” on the check), a board of Deaf Hope. I was born and raised in Northern California and I graduated from the California School for the Deaf, Fremont in 2003. I went to the California State University in East Bay to get my bachelor degree in Sociology. I’ve visited fourteen U.S. states and four countries. Why is it important to me to have a mission of ending the violence? The BIPOC Deaf* communities, the survivors, I cannot imagine what it’s like to suffer the experiences of domestic and sexual violence without getting empowered or supported by Deaf DV/SV agencies. It is unbearable to have these traumatic experiences. I believe it is important to uplift the communities to gain the self-awareness for their own protection and support to others.