Aileen Aldadur is Running for Hope!



My name is Aileen Aldalur, and I will be running the California International Marathon (CIM) on December 8, 2013 to raise money for Deaf Hope. Deaf Hope is a non-profit organization in Oakland, California that aims to end domestic and sexual violence through empowerment, education, and services to deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind survivors of violence.

I was lucky enough to intern with Deaf Hope last summer, and since then I have been looking for a way to support this wonderful organization that provides support and services to those who are least likely to find assistance in their own communities. As a result, I decided to run my first marathon to help every individual who has or is currently experiencing violence in their lives. It is time for a change. I hope that you will support me in accomplishing my goal.
Standard donation is a dollar per mile ($26.20), but every dollar helps.

You can follow my training and progress here:

You can donate here: