Culturally Responsive DV Network

DeafHope is honored to work with peer DVSV organizations from around the state of California who provide services to marginalized and underserved communities.  As a part of CRDVN, a project funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, we are working together to make sure survivors of color, undocumented, Deaf and other survivors are at the forefront of policy, funding and services.  Last week CRDVN met to discuss our plans for the next six months, which include advocacy on the state level for increased funding and improved safety planning for undocumented survivors.  We learned about how nonprofits can advocacy for policy change and had some fun self-care in the evening with henna!

[image description: large photo on the left, group of women standing in a large room with a light wood floor, looking toward a speaker, large painted images on white paper on the floor. Bottom left, orange letters CRDVN on pink background with confetti shapes around it. bottom middle, someone getting intricate henna tattoo on their hand.  top right round painted image on white paper of flowers and a river with the words returning to the root and source. middle right, painted image on white paper of green leaves, a stream and footprints with the words discovering footprints.  bottom right, painted image on white paper of a large green tree with the words in the world renewed.]