DeafHope Announcement: Empowerment Directors


Text: DeafHope Announcement April 2013

Three women appear with a “DeafHope” mosaic art in the background.

The woman on the right says: “Hi, I’m Jane Whitney.”

The woman in the middle says: “Hi, I’m Amber Hodson.”

The woman on the left says: “Hi, I’m Tara Holcomb.”

The screen fades to Amber standing alone. “DeafHope Board and Staff are taking another step towards social justice. A way of doing that is to create a flat organization to represent our community goal of equal and shared power.”

Fades to Tara. “That means we will not have one Executive Director. Instead, we all will become Empowerment Directors. We will contribute what we can with our various strengths and skills.”

Fades to Jane. “As a team, we will use those talents to make sure all service needs are met. We welcome you to contribute your talents to DeafHope as well.”

Fades to Amber. “Our focus will be on building the community capacity to support survivors by training agencies.”

Fades to Tara. “Encouraging individual and community accountability.”

Fades to Jane. “Providing information and education through social media.”

Fades to Amber. “We will continue to support survivors in emergency situations.”

Fades to Tara. “We will connect you to agencies that provide empowering services.”

Fades to Jane. “The best way to contact our team is to e-mail One of our fabulous EDs will respond.”

Back to all three women standing together. “Together we can end violence.”

Screen fades to black with white text: