DeafHope in DC for the Deaf Action Project

03.16 DeafTA meeting

[image description: collage of two slanted images on a blue background with the title Deaf Action Partner Meeting.  On the left, screenshot of the Deaf Action announcement with Libby Stanley, white woman with shoulder length dark hair, a colorful large tattoo on her right forearm and wearing a dark purple cardigan.  Her image is frozen in the sign “meet”.  Text next to her picture reads: Learn about an exciting new initiative! Deaf Action to End Domestic and Sexual Violence New Initiative Launched ADWAS, ASADV, DeafHope, and the Vera Institute of Justice, have come together to create a new initiative, Deaf Action to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. With support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against women, the Deaf Action project will strengthen efforts to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in Deaf communities. The image on the right shows five women gathered around a conference table having a discussion.  There are papers and coffee cups strewn around the table.  On the far left is Tara Holcomb, white woman with blond hair and a black sweater. Next is Libby Stanley, white woman with dark hair pulled back and a purple sweater.  Then is Tiffany Williams, white woman with red hair and glasses on top of her head.  Next is Erin Esposito, white woman with short strawberry blond hair and glasses.  On the far right you can see just the side of Amber Hodson’s head, white woman with long brown hair.]