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Brian Berlinski is a white man with short brown hair, wearing a hot pink button up dress shirt over a white undershirt. The video backdrop is the Deafies in Drag event flyer.  Two figures in the middle are Deafies in Drag – the Drag queen on the left, Casavina, is wearing a red sequin dress with a white feather boa and a blond wig in an up-do. On the right is Selena Minogue, wearing a bright lemon yellow dress and turquoise necklace, donning a fiery red wavy wig that goes to the shoulders. Both have full makeup on. Deafies in Drag official logo.


Deafies in Drag Announcement by Brian
Brian: Hey! Guess what?!?
Guess who is coming here?
The Deafies in Drag!!!
Wonderful fun! Enjoyment! Hilarious! Improvisational! Irreverent!
THAT is Deafies in Drag!
Oh! They are so well-known!
On Facebook they have thousands of followers who watch their videos and their comedy as they make fun of different issues in the Deaf community: Interpreters, Drag, Makeup, etc…
That’s who they are!
Why should you come? To support DeafHope and DCARA!
They are partnering for this joint fundraiser for services.
Deafies in Drag are coming to where?
The Deaf Community Center (DCC).
When? You want to know when?
Saturday, June 10.
What time? 7 to 11 PM.
Warning! This event is for ages 21 and over
Come for the fun, food, and drink!
Wine, soda, and sangria too!
There will be music, games and competitions!
Come for prizes and awards!
Also, there will be waiters in drag!
Why? To hand out appetizers and take drink orders and bring your drinks to you.
The tips they collect will go to DeafHope and DCARA.
If you want to know more, go to:…/deafies-in-drag-show…]