DV Training at NorCal’s DeafSAFE Program

We were thrilled to spend last week with the wonderful team at NorCal – several of their client advocates participated in 40 hours of Domestic Violence Advocate training.  They are doing amazing work at NorCal and DeafSAFE, we are glad to partner with them in the work to end domestic and sexual violence.




[image description: We are gathered in an office with a small Christmas tree to the left of the photo.  Standing together is Charity, a white woman with glasses, a red top and black cardigan, Don Lee with a beard and glasses, wearing a sweater, Amber with shoulder length hair and wearing a black top and Eduardo, with dark short hair, a goatee and wearing a black hoodie style sweater.  Kneeling in the front is Brittany with long light brown hair, wearing a black sweater and draping her arm around Nikki, a brown and black dog.]