From the DeafHope Board and Staff

Marden and his mother have requested that DeafHope remove his Lavender Film Festival Award Winning Video entitled “Believe Me”. DeafHope honors survivors speaking their truth. We continue to be an agency that practices the survivor-centered model. DeafHope posts videos only with survivor permission, and will remove them ONLY at the survivor’s request. It is so sad that Marden’s plea to be believed was met with hostility and anger, instead of with compassion and support.

DeafHope has supported survivors in the past when it wasn’t popular, we stood strong when there was an outcry. We will continue to do so. We talk about community accountability, about believing the survivor – this is an opportunity for each of us to personally examine what kind of culture is being promoted through our beliefs and actions.

Although it was only shown for a short time, Marden’s video has made a difference in our community. Despite a few hurtful voices, there are many silent ones who have been changed by his courage. We are proud and honored that Marden shared his story with us.