Fun at NorCal Deaf BBQ!

DeafHope was pleased to host a booth along with DeafSafe at NorCal’s Annual Deaf BBQ:

NorCal Family Day 05.15 copy

[description: photo of the DeafHope/DeafSafe booth at NorCal Deaf BBQ.  Its a sunny day at the park – on a green lawn with a river in the background.  A white banner with the DeafHope purple logo is displayed across the top of the photo.  Mary Klein, Jane Whitney and Carrie Michaels are posed together, smiling at the camera.  On the table in front of them the DeafHope Power and Control Wheel, an informational poster with statistics, and brochures are displayed.  There is a wicker basket with a purple ribbon near the middle. On the left side of the table is an iPad and a photo of DeafHope that says FAMILY on the frame.]