October is DV Awareness Month

Today DeafHope participated in the Alameda County Board of Supervisor’s hearing to proclaim October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  We are honored to work alongside community members year-round to end violence.  It is important to take special time this month to educate ourselves and do a personal inventory of how each of us can support a world without violence.

Alameda County DV month

[image description: Collage of three photos.  On the left is the proclamation certificate naming DeafHope along with other Bay Area DV agencies, signed by members of the Board of Supervisors.  There is extensive text using the term “Whereas” to explain the importance of DV awareness month and services in our community.  In the top right photo, Aracelia Aguilar (wearing a black top and white pants) is standing beside a white man in a suit and glasses.  He is handing her the large paper certificate and both are smiling at the audience for photos (this camera angle is from the side).  The photo is taken inside a courtroom.  The bottom right photo shows Amber Hodson (wearing a black top and gold necklace) and Aracelia standing outside the courthouse.  Aracelia is holding the certificate, you can see the word Proclamation along the top.  They are smiling at the camera the building and with a bright blue sky behind them.]