Our Focus on Continual Growth

DeafHope was thrilled to participate in a training hosted by Futures without Violence.  We spent this week meeting with organizations from around the country to discuss fundraising and other strategies for sustainability.  We also created a workplan for our priority projects this year.


[description: Image on the left shows a conference room with people sitting around tables working on group projects.  In the foreground Brian, Aracelia, Tara and Amber are having a discussion.  Papers, coffee cups and folders are spread over the table.  Image on the right shows Amber (hair down, wearing sunglasses and a grey sweater), Aracelia (hair pulled back, wearing glasses and a black zip up fleece), Tara (hair down, wearing a black top and cardigan) and Brian (wearing sunglasses and a purple plaid button up shirt) standing together looking at the camera.]