Reiki for Survivors – Thanks to Ami from DOVE

DeafHope is thrilled welcome Ami Garry from DOVE to share a special Healing Spaces workshop on Reiki.  Our morning together was full of connection and information.  Thank you for sharing your talents Ami!

Ami Reiki
[image description: Ami presents as a white woman, she is wearing a purple patchwork sweater, glasses and her long hair pulled back. She is in a conference room with a powerpoint presentation next to her. The first image shows the text “What is Reiki: how can it benefit YOU? Presented by Ami Garry, CRMT” the second image shows the text “What does Reiki do? Relieves pain, clears toxins, promotes creativity, relaxes and reduces stress, promotes natural self-healing, enhances personal awareness” Below the photos purple text says “DeafHope Healing Spaces”]