Rossana Reis Poem Accepted for 29th Solo Mujeres Show

We are thrilled to recognize our former intern and advocate Rossana Reis for her poetry being accepted in the 29th Solo Mujeres Show, “Intersectionality,” at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Gallery @ 2868 Mission Street, 2nd Floor in San Francisco. Opening reception March 26th-May 2nd. For more of Rossana Reis’ work, go to


What It’s Like to Be Me: DeafBlind Disabled Queer Latina


Ping ponging between moving chatters

Gestures, gists, do I really matter

Protactile, captions, transcripts are grand

My whole consciousness and vision expand


A cobra, canary, cougar or cow

Making guesses out of cumulus clouds

Unless I am given a useful clue

Not sure what value and respect it’s due

Image, video descriptions solve codes

Synapses fire, messages uploads


A restful night of sleep is a blessing

Awake with aches, I will not be dressing

Overwhelmed, sometimes to myself, I’m unkind

My muscles reeling behind my ambitious mind

Smiling, laughing, sun shining on my soul

Depth and meaning, I crave to fill my hole


Misread assumptions based on preconceived notions

Presuming I’ve not yet chosen or been chosen

I breathe, share space with much love and delight

Queer is a way of being, a birthright


During family festas, I feel unease

I studied English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Can they learn ASL, LSM, or LIBRAS

So we can have more bate-papos com vida?