Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Rape Culture is real.  (Shout out to DeafSafe for sharing!)


[image description – infographic with text that reads:
What “rape culture” means?
Rape is all too common.
1 out of 5 women has been a victim of attempted rape or completed rape.
Rape cases are not being reported…
(Less than half of all rapes are actually reported.)
… So rapists are not being sent to jail.
(Only 3 percent of rapist spend even a day in jail.)
Colleges can be openly hostile to the victims.
(Campus rape rates haven’t changed in the last 20 years.)
People think rape victims are making it all up.
(2-8 percent of the charges may be false but students think up to 50 percent of rape reports are fabricated.)
Rapists can seek child custody in a majority of the United States.
(In 31 states, convicted rapists can sue for visitation rights and custody.)
Politicians thinks women can’t get pregnant from rape.
(32,000 women get pregnant from rape in the United States each year.)]