#TBT – Tea Party 2009

Our Tea Party was featured in Diablo Magazine in 2009.  That year we honored Marlee Matlin as our Trailblazer.   Don’t miss out on another fabulous event this year.




[Image: Page 161 of Diablo Magazine, title of the page is “Faces” with the subtitle “Parties, Society, Glamour, Nightlife”, showing 6 images.  Text reads: Oscar-Winner Marlee Matlin was honored at DeafHope’s Eighth Annual Tea Party, at the Livermore home of Jim and Susan Duthie; [1] Olga Sylko, Elena Barlow; [2] Kambri Crews, Anna Anderson; [3] Brian Berlinski, Kathy Lloyd, Demar Corbell; [4] Jessica Smario; [5] Marlee Matlin, Jack Jason; [6] Table centerpiece.]