Tea Party Details

Check out the Tea Party flyer for more details on this fun event at the Wedgewood Metropolitan.

September 28 from 12-4p
10051 Doolittle Drive
Oakland, CA 94603


[image: Purple tea pot at the bottom of the flyer has steam coming out transitioning into circles that mimic the DeafHope logo and show three women in each. Flowers and leaves outlined in purple decorate the rest of the page. Text shown on the flyer: DeafHope Tea Party. DeafHope is always evolving. Image of DeafHope’s old logo – a woman showing ILY sign and baby. Anti-violence, anti-oppression, survivor-centric, deaf women-centric, community accountability, transformative justice, collective leadership and more! We want you to come to our annual tea party to learn what the new logo means to us, meet the deaf woman designer, and tell us what it means to you. Image of DeafHope’s new logo – a dark purple circle with a lighter purple circle inside. Celebrate our trailblazer of the year Erin Esposito and her years of work on community accountability! The emcee Shira Grabelsky. The designer, Bekah Guerrero. September 28th from 12-4p $75 per person Proceeds go to DeafHope anti-violence efforts. Sponsored by SmarioSoft Solutions. 10051 Doolittle Drive Oakland, CA 94603]