Tucson Deaf Community DV Workshop

DeafHope has been honored to be a part of an important project to increase awareness and access for Deaf survivors in Tucson.  COPD (Community Outreach Program for the Deaf) hosted a wonderful workshop for the community last week, featured in Deaf Tucson News.   Read the full article here.

Tucson workshop


[image description: Photo of the workshop being held in a large conference room.  People are seated in chairs lined along the floor, facing a stage.  On each side of the stage is a flag.  Toward the left of the stage is a large screen, showing the DeafHope Power and Control Wheel.  A CDI stands to the far left, next to an easel with a pad of paper.  Lindsay James, a young white woman wearing a black shirt and white pants is standing near the Wheel, signing.  Amber Hodson, a white woman wearing grey slacks and a black top, is standing to the far right of the stage next to a podium, her hands folded in front of her.  On the far side of the conference room (at the background of this photo) several booths line the wall with people seated behind the tables, watching the workshop presenters.]