Victim Blaming

Directed & Edited by

Jules Dameron

Produced by

Trina Licht

Julie Rems Smario


Jules Dameron

Gungaa Tuvshinbat

Sound Designer

Jackie Wellons

Cast in Order of Appearance

Leala Holcomb

Martin Dale-Hench

Alejandra Cisneros

Ken Arcia

Alyce Slater Reynolds

Antoine Hunter

Orkid Sassouni

Zane Pedersen

David Prince

Bemnet Tesfasilasie

Ken Arcia

Concept Created by the DeafHope Team



Black background with white text: Domestic Violence: Victim Blaming.

An upset woman appears in bed. She says “I’m not in the mood for sex. I want to sleep.”

An angry-looking man looks down at the woman, saying “Shut up! You asked for it.”

He puts his hands around the woman’s neck as she looks away and tries to struggle against him.

The screen turns black.

A young woman walks down a hall saying “The fact they’re even together is her fault.”

A man sits at his office saying, “She can be difficult.”

A woman stands at a kitchen, mixing something in a bowl saying, “He has a history. She knows better.”

A man sits on a couch saying, “Ya know what? She’s trying to put him on a leash. You know? It’s like he’s pussy-whipped.”

A woman drives a car saying, “I know he’s abusive but she’s strong and can handle it.”

A teenage boy is playing basketball saying “She can be a bitch.”

Three men are sitting next to each other playing poker. The man in the middle says, “That’s impossible. He’s a good guy.” He looks at his right.

A young man appears in black and white. He says, “Are you sure you’re blaming the right person?”

Text: Victim blaming allows violence to continue. It’s never the survivor’s fault.

DeafHope’s logo appears with the words: Our mission at DeafHope is to end domestic and sexual violence against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education, and services.

Join DeafHope’s effort to end violence against women.

The logos of Blue Shield of California foundation and Verizon appear.