There is a new movement on social media. Survivors are sharing their experiences and why they stayed in abusive relationships using this hashtag #WhyIStayed. If you need DeafHope’s support, you can e-mail us anytime at deafhope@deaf-hope.org and advocates will be there for you!

De’Lasha Singleton from the social justice organization Take a Stand shared her experience and invites you to share yours too.

All deaf* survivors who feel comfort to share your reasons, it will share under Take A Stand organization along with the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

Send me via DelashaTAS@gmail.com. I am expecting to spread the video by Monday, September 15th. Send my love vibes to all of you! This vlog is based on my real experience and an example of what you could do with your vlog. Please feel free to share the information to all survivors. I would love to see more people get involved in this important part of the life. Finding the heal, courage, and etc pieces that were STOLEN by all abusers.

If you do not want to show your face, there are many other options such as display on the body with signing, screenshot, hands signing, writing on the paper, and etc.”

De’Lasha’s video:

transcript on youtube link