Aracelia Aguilar

Empowerment Director

Hi I am Aracelia Aguilar.  I was born and raised in San Francisco.  Then I moved to Fremont to go to the School for the Deaf where I graduated in 2003.  I went to community college in San Francisco to get my AS degree in Administration of Justice and transferred to CSU East Bay to get my BS degree in Criminal Justice.  Now I work for DeafHope as an advocate.  In my job as an advocate for DeafHope, I focus on direct services.  This means if a survivor contacts us I will work with them to provide options, support, discuss what they need.  I work with the survivor.  If the survivor needs someone to go with them to court or to the hospital, to the police station to fill out a report, or to fill out any type of report, I am there to support them.   My job, my goal is to support them through their journey.  What does community mean to me?  It is a place where people feel they belong,  and where people have the common goal of creating a successful community.