Survivor Stories

DeafHope honors survivors speaking their truth.  We recognize that it requires great courage to share personal experiences.  This courage changes the world, it is another step toward removing the shame and stigma of domestic and sexual violence.  We hope that the community will view these survivor stories with compassion and support.  This is an opportunity for each of us to personally examine what kind of culture is being promoted through our beliefs and actions.  Are we taking positive steps toward ending violence in our community through healthy and respectful dialog? We continue to be an agency that practices the survivor-centered model. DeafHope posts videos only with survivor permission, and will remove them ONLY at the survivor’s request.  We do not edit the survivor’s story in any way, our role is to create a space for stories to be shared.  We ask that before publicly sharing your experience as a survivor, please conduct a thorough personal safety plan.  DeafHope advocates are available to help you through this process.  Consider some of the following questions before you publicly post your experience anywhere:

  • Are there any current or open legal processes?
  • What are the safety concerns for you as the survivor?
  • Who could be identified as part of the potential backlash?
  • How can you as the survivor prepare for the backlash?
  • What steps can be taken to support yourself through backlash?

Contact an advocate at DeafHope for more information.


To find a Deaf DVSV agency in your area, click here.