A Day Out for the DeafHope Team

As part of our commitment to collective leadership and ongoing improvement of our structure, the DeafHope EDs took some time for team building at Omescape in Richmond.  We had fun while learning a lot about ourselves and how we work together.  We were reminded of some important lessons through an exciting team game: Remember to look at the big picture, Don’t rush over things and Ask for help when you need it!  We finished the day feeling reinvigorated and connected.

staff day

[image description, collage of three photos: In the left photo, Amber Hodson (wearing a purple cardigan, hoop earrings and sunglasses), Tara Holcomb (wearing a blue and white blouse, hair pulled back with sunglasses) and Aracelia Aguilar (wearing a multi-colored top, hoop earrings and hair in a ponytail) are standing close, smiling at the camera. Blue skies, a calm sparkling ocean and sailboat masts are in the background.  The middle photo shows the logo of Omescape in metal lettering on a wooden backdrop.  The right photo shows Amber, Tara and Aracelia standing together in front of a backdrop with words all over it like PLAY, ESCAPE, TREASURE, FUN, and LOVE PEOPLE.  We are each holding signs – Amber’s says “uh-oh”, Tara’s says “I feel smart today” and Aracelia’s says “almost”.]