Domestic Violence is None of Our Business What if Domestic Violence happened in public? What would you do? Would you do the same thing if it happened in private? Believe and support survivors. ______________________ Directed & Edited by Jules Dameron Produced by Trina Licht Julie Rems Smario Cinematographers Jules Dameron Gungaa Tuvshinbat Sound Designer Jackie Wellons Cast JAC Cook Daniel J. Girard Jennie Batchelder Azora Telford Rory Osbrink – ASL Narrator Photographer Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team Special thanks to Mozzeria ________________________ TRANSCRIPT Scene appears to be a restaurant. A cheerful woman (JAC) is sitting at a table. She says “So, how have you been? How’s your wife?” A man (Dan) is sitting across him. He replies, “Oh, she’s doing great. Been enjoying staying at home.” Close up of a woman (Jennie) next to the man. She looks uncomfortable and sad. Her eyes are down. JAC smiles and says “That’s good.” Another woman (Azora), next to JAC, nods with her eyes down. Jennie looks uncomfortable and looks to Azora. Azora gives a small smile and appears to be about to say something. JAC holds her hand down and says “shut up.” Jennie looks on as JAC says “you interrupted the conversation.” Azora looks down and nods again. Jennie gives her a sympathetic look. Dan sees Jennie giving Azora the look. He stands up and moves close to Jennie, almost pushing her over. He holds her chin and pushes her face towards him. He moves her shoulder so she’s sitting up straight. Jennie looks extremely uncomfortable. Dan returns to his seat and looks like he’s in charge. JAC says “We just...

CNN: Apologize on air for Steubenville Coverage

Let’s hold media outlets accountable for how they cover domestic and sexual violence. Join us in signing this petition and ask CNN to apologize for their coverage of the Steubenville rape trial. “That CNN decided to paint the tears of the convicted Steubenville rapists in a sympathetic light and say how their lives were ruined — while completely ignoring the fact that the rape victim’s life is the one whose life was ruined by these rapists’ actions — is disgusting and helps perpetuate a shameful culture in which young people never understand the concept of consent and in which rape victims are blamed and ostracized. Changing that culture must be done brick by brick, and it can start by heaping public shame on this major cable news network and forcing them to admit that they are wrong. Publicly.” SIGN PETITION...

Zerlina Maxwell’s 5 Ways We Can Teach Men Not to Rape

1. Teach young men about legal consent 2. Teach young men to see women’s humanity, instead of seeing them as sexual objects there for male pleasure 3. Teach young men how to express healthy masculinity 4. Teach young men to believe women who come forward and not to blame the victim 5. Teach young men about bystander intervention...

Victim Blaming

Directed & Edited by
 Jules Dameron

 Produced by
 Trina Licht 
Julie Rems Smario Cinematographers
 Jules Dameron
 Gungaa Tuvshinbat 

Sound Designer 
Jackie Wellons 

Cast in Order of Appearance

 Leala Holcomb
 Martin Dale-Hench 
Alejandra Cisneros 
Ken Arcia
 Alyce Slater Reynolds
 Antoine Hunter
 Orkid Sassouni 
Zane Pedersen 
David Prince
 Bemnet Tesfasilasie 

Ken Arcia Concept Created by the DeafHope Team _________________________ TRANSCRIPT: Black background with white text: Domestic Violence: Victim Blaming. An upset woman appears in bed. She says “I’m not in the mood for sex. I want to sleep.” An angry-looking man looks down at the woman, saying “Shut up! You asked for it.” He puts his hands around the woman’s neck as she looks away and tries to struggle against him. The screen turns black. A young woman walks down a hall saying “The fact they’re even together is her fault.” A man sits at his office saying, “She can be difficult.” A woman stands at a kitchen, mixing something in a bowl saying, “He has a history. She knows better.” A man sits on a couch saying, “Ya know what? She’s trying to put him on a leash. You know? It’s like he’s pussy-whipped.” A woman drives a car saying, “I know he’s abusive but she’s strong and can handle it.” A teenage boy is playing basketball saying “She can be a bitch.” Three men are sitting next to each other playing poker. The man in the middle says, “That’s impossible. He’s a good guy.” He looks at his right. A young man appears in black and white. He says, “Are you sure you’re blaming the right person?”...