Big Thank You to Deafies in Drag!

We had a wonderful time at the show!  Deafies in Drag made us laugh all evening. Their dresses were stunning!

Thank you all for your support of DCARA and DeafHope services for LGBTIQ communities.


[image description: top right/left and bottom left photo Deafies in Drag are standing on stage, a projector screen behind them. There is a crowded audience facing them with their backs to the camera. In each photo, Deafies in Drag are wearing different colorful gowns.  The right top photo shows a few members of the audience in a “lipstick” contest, one person putting their arms around another and trying to put on lipstick from behind without seeing.  The bottom left photo shows Brian Berlinski also on stage, in a purple gown, white stole and curly blonde wig blowing out candles on his birthday cake.  The bottom right photo shows Deafies in Drag, Jane Whitney and Amber Hodson smiling big at the camera.  Deafies in Drag have bold colorful eyeshadow, lipstick and dresses.]