DeafHope Board and EDs 2016 Retreat

retreat 2016

[image description: collage of five photos. Top left: DeafHope team sitting around a large dining room table, green trees visible outside a long bank of windows, warm round light hanging down at the middle, papers and cups are strewn around the table.  Top right: dark wood paneled room, standing white screen with projected image of DeafHope logo and text DeafHope Retreat, Amber and Tara are standing to either side of the screen, Tara signing “our”. Bottom left: close up photo of someone holding the new DeafHope restraining order brochure, a white small card with three purple line drawings (someone on FaceTime, three people standing and arrows between them, an angry person texting on a phone) and purple text. Bottom right: wooden panel with carving of a leafy tree, words Sunol TreeHouse est. 1931, reddish lighting glowing behind the panel.  Middle image: DeafHope team standing outside on a deck with sunlight glowing and green leafy trees behind them (right to left) Brian Berlinski white male wearing an eggplant colored long sleeved top and dark pants, Sherrie Donaville-Sims African American woman wearing a bright orange shawl and flowered pants, Aracelia Aguilar Latina woman wearing a black top, Rochelle Greenwell Latina woman wearing a grey sweater, Tara Holcomb white woman wearing a black cardigan, Mary Klein white woman wearing a blue zip up jacket over a grey top, Julie Rems-Smario white woman with a large grey blanket wrapped around her.  Sitting in front is Amber Hodson white woman wearing a grey top and Jane Whitney white woman wearing a blue hoodie.]