Domestic Violence is None of Our Business

What if Domestic Violence happened in public? What would you do?

Would you do the same thing if it happened in private?

Believe and support survivors.


Directed & Edited by
Jules Dameron

Produced by
Trina Licht
Julie Rems Smario

Jules Dameron
Gungaa Tuvshinbat

Sound Designer
Jackie Wellons

JAC Cook
Daniel J. Girard
Jennie Batchelder
Azora Telford

Rory Osbrink – ASL Narrator

Ken Arcia

Concept Created by the DeafHope Team

Special thanks to Mozzeria

Scene appears to be a restaurant.

A cheerful woman (JAC) is sitting at a table. She says “So, how have you been? How’s your wife?”

A man (Dan) is sitting across him. He replies, “Oh, she’s doing great. Been enjoying staying at home.”

Close up of a woman (Jennie) next to the man. She looks uncomfortable and sad. Her eyes are down.

JAC smiles and says “That’s good.”

Another woman (Azora), next to JAC, nods with her eyes down.

Jennie looks uncomfortable and looks to Azora.

Azora gives a small smile and appears to be about to say something. JAC holds her hand down and says “shut up.”

Jennie looks on as JAC says “you interrupted the conversation.”

Azora looks down and nods again. Jennie gives her a sympathetic look.

Dan sees Jennie giving Azora the look. He stands up and moves close to Jennie, almost pushing her over. He holds her chin and pushes her face towards him. He moves her shoulder so she’s sitting up straight. Jennie looks extremely uncomfortable. Dan returns to his seat and looks like he’s in charge.

JAC says “We just love to be together. We hang out all the time.”

Dan says “I get you. We’ve been so dedicated to each other.”

Jennie looks down and fidgets in her seat.

Dan reaches over and touches Jennie’s face and says “I love you.” Jennie gives a small smile. Dan stares at her and holds her face again. He pulls her roughly towards him and kisses her cheek. Jennie grimaces and pulls away.

In the background, JAC says “That’s so adorable.”

JAC says “We bought a house. I did all the decorations myself.” She looks over at Azora and sees that she’s texting on her phone. JAC slams the table and signs angrily, “Not again!” Azora tries to explain herself and says “Wait. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

JAC puts her hands on Azora’s throat. Azora says again “I’m sorry.” JAC lets her go as Azora turns away while coughing.

Close up shot of Azora coughing and saying “I’m sorry.”

Jennie looks on looking fearful. She looks away. A woman at another table is looking at her.

Dan checks out what Jennie is looking at. He notices the other woman and grabs Jennie’s head and slams it onto the table.

Jennie holds her head in pain.

JAC and Dan raise their wine glasses and toasts. Jennie holds her head and Azora is breathing hard.

Black background with white text: 90% of domestic violence happens at home.

Domestic violence is not a private matter.

Take a stand against domestic violence.

A black and white shot of a man appears. He says, “Domestic violence cannot be ignored. Get involved.”

DeafHope’s logo appears. It is a drawing of a woman holding an infant with one hand and signing ILY with another. Text appears: “Our mission at DeafHope is to end domestic and sexual violence against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education, and services.”

“Join DeafHope’s effort to end violence against women.”


Logos for Blue Shield of California and Verizon Foundation appear.